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Learn All Things Hospitality in One Easy Read
Do you want to act with class 
and have great gatherings 
without the fuss? 
This Specialty Hospitality & Events Essentials Book is the Easy Solution for People 
On the Go!

-Based on Years of Experience Running Events for Thousands of People, Hosting, Guesting, going to Etiquette School, Etc. 

- With Sections on Modern Manners, Food, Decor, and More

-An All-Encompassing Way to Entertain 

Was $34 Now $24.95 
Lifetime Access
Book FAQs
When I purchase the book, how will I receive it?
"The Art of Entertaining" Book is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the book, you will be able to directly and simply access the program from the link on your Order Confirmation page as well as through email after purchase. 

 Is this book offered in paperback or hardback too?
"The Art of Entertaining" Book is only offered online as a digital product at this time. The reason for this was to help support our environment and reduce paper use from trees when making this product as this is a vital cause we support.

 Does the book include food ideas too?
It does! I've included some of my favorite food ideas based on the type of ocassion as well as much more information related to decor, etc.!

 Do I need to go to a big party or be hosting one for this book to help?
Not necessarily, the book includes beneficial information for both large, small, and all types of gatherings and parties. 

 What are some of the questions this book will answer?
How do I make sure I act with class and they definitely would like me to come back for another gathering? What is the right thing to bring? What should I cook or bake for the gathering? How much time should I give people notice for the gathering?  What is the right thing to do and say to help people feel comfortable at a gathering? Definitely, a charming read for the holidays coming up!
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